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What's New?

OK, things have slowed down some. The work continues, but health issues have entered the picture.  (Items in BLUE are posted at An Amazing Life).

Date Posted                 Description                                                                Note

7/13/2015    Appendix XXXIII - Jesus and the Chalcis Connection

7/13/2015    The Defeat of ISIS

3/03/2015    Formaldehyde in Wood Products

3/03/2015    Jesus – The Theft of An Amazing Life

3/03/2015     Some Painful Thoughts (or thoughts about pain)

3/03/2015    The Nature of Mathematics

10/16/2014  A Different View of God

10/5/2014    The Crisis of Zealotry

9/01/2014    Soul and Spirit


3/15/2011    Bill Gates – Admirable and not so Admirable

3/15/2011    Some Questions for Atheists and Fellow “free-thinkers”

2/01/2011    The Future of Consciousness                                                From 2006 

2/01/2011    Appendix XIII - The Jewish Temples                                         Five of them! 

1/31/2011    Added "What's New?" pages to this site and amazinglifebook.com.

Coming up:

I'm determined to write a larger view of the world as I see it. I have generally chosen to avoid  politics and social issues - which I view as short-term and generally less significant. Besides, plenty of others are busy writing about those things. But I just can't help but think we keep missing the point. Anyway, I'm trying to ignore those distractions and finish An Amazing Life. I hope that people can ignore all the fear-mongers in the meantime; the "revolt against reason" continues and it appears that the "enemy" has taken control of the broadcast media.

I have a bunch of notes regarding "Places" that I've had on my desk to finish "The Jewish Temple". So, I'm going to organize some of those and update "Appendix XV - Places". I should have it ready in a couple of weeks, although it won't be finished until the rest of the book is done (as I will add places of interest as we go). I'm anxious to get back to the story as new ideas come to mind, but having my facts straight is the immediate priority. I keep finding great new sources and other relevant items of interest; I picked up "The Alexandria Letter" (By Dr. George Honig) and just had to read it before continuing. (Reviews at Amazon and Rich Writings).



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