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The Future of Consciousness

Consciousness defines a state of moral evolution. States of consciousness indicate levels of moral evolution. Our consciousness is a reflection of our moral evolution. We have achieved the state of consciousness where we are aware of our own level of consciousness and its relation to moral evolution. This necessary stage is the precursor to the next process of moral evolution: conscious control of consciousness.

The future of consciousness is no longer limited by the evolutionary processes that produced us; it is ready for a transcendental leap - a human leap.Humans culminate conscious evolution in this ecosystem. We are capable of integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual realms to take control of the evolutionary process – a process that has a singular purpose: to maximize moral consciousness. Our ability to fulfill our purpose and that of evolution is directly proportional to our ability to predict and control the total environment.

Our evolutionary progression has moved from physical to mental to spiritual. Our mastery of the physical has been a result of progress in the mental and our mastery of the mental will be the result of mastery of the spiritual. Our spiritual awareness is growing, but only because our physical and mental awareness have grown. We have yet to make the transcendental leap to control of consciousness.

Many now experience transitional awareness of spiritual consciousness. The intellect alone cannot make “sense” of this transformation outside the context of awareness of moral evolution. Thus, the vast majority of human spirituality is wasted; it is trivialized and tokenized such that it becomes more distracting than enlightening.

Our ability to predict and control the total environment requires both integration and balance within the full range of human experience. The balance is not necessarily an equal balance and there is no “correct” balance: it covers a range that varies from person to person and from time to time. Clearly, however, those who devote excess energy to any one or two realms, physical, mental, or spiritual, will fail to attain higher consciousness.

Evolution – the process that has yielded our consciousness – is at an end. It has produced its own successor: beings capable of continuing its process and purpose. When we grasp this and choose to accept our role in the evolution of consciousness, the future of consciousness will emerge.




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